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Stay in the game with Stem Cell Therapy

The goals of Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapies for Sport Injuries are to reduce, relieve, or manage Pain and improve function thus increasing the patient’s overall quality of life through minimally invasive Regenerative Medicine Procedures specifically designed as treatments for painful sports injuries & conditions.

sports injuries


The following are Sports Injuries that often respond very well to Regenerative Medicine and the common causes of these injuries:

– Muscle Pulls & Tendinitis

– Neck Pain

– Low Back & Discogenic Pain

– Shoulder Injuries

– Tennis or Golfers Elbow

– Shin Splints

– Ankle Sprain Strain

– Achilles Tendinitis & Tendon Tears

– Plantar Fascitis

– Hip & Groin Pain

shifting focus

to healing

The implementation of Regenerative Medicine shifts the paradigm of Sports Injury treatment into a focus on healing rather than a focus on pain and injury pain management. When traditional treatments, such as medication or cortisone injections, do not offer healing potential, Regenerative Medicine utilizes biomedical substances that provide potential to heal injuries and damaged or degenerated and inflamed tissues by providing stem cell building blocks and growth factors and platelets (in PRP) that cause and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes.

Professional Athletes have travelled to Germany for years for these therapies, but Regenerative Sports Medicine is now available here in sunny Southern California…

Is Stem Cell Therapy

for you?

We specialize in the non-surgical treatment of exercise-related injuries, as well as muscle and joint pain. We offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, and Stem Cell Therapy. Our procedures are safe, natural, and cost-effective. Procedures are completed in the office, usually in one – two hours. Recovery time is shorter compared to surgery. Call us today to set up a consultation with our sports medicine doctor.

Dr Carvalho is experienced in Sports Medicine and specializes in the non-surgical treatment of sports and exercise-related injuries. He also treats muscle and joint disorders due to aging, injury, or repetitive stress.

His goal is to help patients get pain relief and increased activity. He has trained extensively with ultrasound and uses ultrasound guidance during his evaluations and procedures for accuracy.

Find Out If Stem Cell Therapy Is Right For You

Stem cell therapy … testimonials

  • “Stem Cell Therapy has been absolutely incredible for my health.  When I was initially told that my condition could be treated with Stem Cells, I could not believe it.  Now I basically have no more pain.  I would recommend to everyone to make an appointment and see i=f it can help them as well! ”

    Frank S. Business Owner
  • “Years ago I tore my meniscus and ever since I have had terrible pain in my knee.  I was not able to play basketball for  years.  Then someone mentioned Stem Cell Therapy and I did some research and decided to give Regenerative Cell a shot. It ahs been amazing.  I am basically pain free now and can enjoy an active lifestyle again.

    Samantha B. Teacher


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